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We’re excited to invite you to the second C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour proudly brought to you by The Leading Learning Partners Association

The Leading Learning Partners Association and its members recognize that transformation to cloud technologies requires skills transformation and most importantly, that digital transformation is about people. In a series of events, the LLPA in close cooperation with Microsoft and other key partners will provide you with an opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn from local and international leading industry experts on topics such as building high-performance teams and ways to better leverage existing and future cloud investments. This exciting global tour brings learning thought leaders, executives and partners, together to collaborate, share best practices and accelerate growth by converging key technologies and role-based skills.



The Global Cloud Skills Tour is a part of an exclusive C3 event series. In 2019, the Leading Learning Partners Association (The LLPA) introduced “C to the power of 3”, a cloud certification circle model that incorporates training, certification, reporting and nurturing services that are offered together by its 33 leading learning members to accelerate knowledge worldwide.

“Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation is less about technology and more about people. You can pretty much buy any technology, but your ability to adapt to an even more digital future depends on developing the next generation of skills, closing the gap between talent supply and demand, and future-proofing your own and others’ potential” – Harvard Business Review. The C3 Global Cloud Skills Tour aims to address the cloud skills gaps by ensuring all existing and future cloud customers have the technical and soft skills needed to be successful.

Although we would prefer to see you all in person, it is not possible at this time, and our journey of knowledge sharing and providing valuable insights must continue. So go on, join over 2,000 chief learning officers, business decision-makers, HR professionals and Azure technical and consulting leads at a local virtual C3 event in your city.


Learn about the latest role-based training and certifications, skilling initiatives, skills plans and learning pathways. Find out what’s next and how we can help you develop high performance teams.

Connect with our partners, customers and likeminded business professionals, gain insights and best practice solutions for unlocking your cloud potential and how you can trigger or accelerate learning and training opportunities for workers of all stages of their careers.

Engage with cloud customers, partners and learning experts in 1:1 conversations about how to address skills and people gaps to secure uninterrupted growth for your businesses locally or globally.

Key Topics

Opportunities in Cloud

Fostering life-long learning

Technical skills for business

Unlock your cloud potential

Accelerate your inner azure

How Azure and digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we work

How role-based skills continue to impact success

Journey to becoming future-ready

How to plan, execute, and implement with confidence


Company leaders and executives

CLO, HR managers, partners


Government IT departments

Universities and colleges

Azure leaders and experts

Microsoft technical and consulting

IT, Cloud, Data & AI and Developer Professionals

Sponsors and Partners

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Registrations are open for a limited number of events. If registrations are not yet open for your local country event, click on the notify me button to receive updates.

C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour

9-10 June 2021

Helsinki (Finland)

28 January 2021

Manama (Bahrain)

10 February 2021

Zagreb (Croatia)

16 February 2021

London (United Kingdom)

4 March 2021

Sofia (Bulgaria)

11 March 2021

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

16 March 2021

Skopje (North Macedonia)

17 March 2021

Istanbul (Turkey)

19 March 2021

Belgrade (Serbia)

25 March 2021

Moscow (Russia)

15 April 2021

Vienna (Austria)

15 April 2021

Johannesburg (South Africa)

21 April 2021

Bogotá (Colombia)

21 April 2021

Bucharest (Romania)

21 April 2021

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

21 April 2021

Mexico City (Mexico)

21 April 2021

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

22 April 2021

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