C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour Speakers

Stanislava Nestorović

Training and Development Specialist

Asseco SEE

As an HR consultant and trainer, she has been working for more than 10 years, and from recently in an international IT corporate environment, at Asseco SEE. Her focus is on the development of individuals and teams through an adapted approach, practically applicable methods and monitoring the effects of development activities, through group and individual training and coaching sessions. 

So far, for hundreds of participants from various industries, she has created and conducted a large number of trainings on improving communication skills, team productivity, managerial and leadership potential, sales skills, improving public speaking, developing emotional intelligence, stress control and time management. 

Prior to Asseco SEE, she worked on the development of people and organizations as an internal and external consultant, in the NGO sector, public administration and international consulting companies, as well as in the entrepreneurial environment. 

He has extensive experience in leading individuals and teams through phases of organizational change.