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Valentina Taseva

Chief Executive Officer

Semos Education

Valentina Taseva, Chief Executive Officer of Semos Education, the first company for IT training in Macedonia established in 1995, co-owner of Semos Education, Clear View and CertiAdria official partners of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, EC-Council, Autodesk, Adobe and many others established IT brands. Valentina is one of the founders of The LLPA Leading Learning Association.

For many years she’s been acting as a mentor to many employees and individuals. Main activities as a mentor included but were not limited on experiences transfer through weekly one on one mentorship sessions involving building and developing business judgment expertise, strategic thinking, orientation toward all stakeholders (customers, vendors, employees), advanced communication written and oral skills, sales techniques, negotiation skills, all of them applicable in the industry. The purpose was building a strong team equipped with proven knowledge and know-how that will generate measurable results in the future representing the company on both foreign and domestic markets.