ReShape! The Future of Corporate Learning

An exclusive event for CLO’s and CIO’s. Save your virtual seat and attend the third C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour proudly brought to you by Microsoft, The Leading Learning Partners Association, and its Members.

20 April 2022


ReShape! The Future of Corporate Learning

We’re excited to invite you to the third C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour proudly brought to you by The Leading Learning Partners Association

20 April 2022


How can you ACT on your Day After Tomorrow? How can you make innovation a reality in your organization?

Whether your organization is in the process of rethinking, reshaping or reordering, you want to be prepared for what comes next. More than 30 leading learning training providers from across the globe have developed these sessions to help you apply innovation in your organization as an antidote to a radically changing environment. These sessions will offer you inspiration, guidance and the courage to transform, reboot, and become the Phoenix in your market.

Microsoft powers one of the largest cloud services in the world and continues to lead in the top 5. We want to ensure all Microsoft cloud customers learn, implement and adopt Microsoft technologies and services to achieve success no matter the industry but; to achieve this, you must first ACT on your Day After Tomorrow.


Learn about the latest role-based training and certifications, skilling initiatives, skills plans and learning pathways so you can take informed action.


Unlock your new and existing tools and resources and power up your learning culture. Find out how you can shift from a know-it-all to a learn-it-all organization.


Engage with like-minded professionals and thought leaders. Learn what it takes to to address skills and people gaps to secure uninterrupted growth for your businesses locally or globally.

Companies Attending:

• Microsoft

• Siemans
• PwC

• Fujitsu
• EY
• Nokia


• C-Level (C-suite) Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CIO)
• D-Level Management (Department Directors for HR and IT)

Featured Speakers

Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen is a serial entrepreneur, adviser, and keynote speaker on the topics of radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of all things digital on society and business.

Ángel M. Rayo

Technical Lead Expert on Netmind, Technical Trainer, DevOps Institute Ambassador, Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCT Regional Lead and Cloud Computing geek.

Zafarullah Hashim

Chief Executive Officer for the largest learning organization in APAC. Zafarullah is a leading expert in the field of training workforce development.

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